Vision Update

The vision group met again this week and reviewed the last couple of months.  We were unanimous that the weekend with the Abaana New Life Choir had been a great success and it was especially good to see the team effort from all the churches in praying, catering, hosting, supporting, joining in with the games in Burrowes Hall and helping on the night with the car parking, stewarding, selling merchandise and preparing and serving the tea.  We had people of all ages and from all the churches involved over the weekend and it was a great example of us working together – thank-you everyone!

Easter seems to have gone well, and messy church was a success though it was suggested that next year we might try the Saturday before Easter weekend as Easter Saturday seems to clash with a number of things, so we’ll aim to try that next year.

It’s now been almost a year since we changed the service times following on from our consultation and discussion.  On the whole people are positive, it’s not perfect, for some things are a bit early and for others things are a bit late, but on balance we concluded that it was working and would like to amend the church noticeboards to reflect our current pattern of service times. I have greatly appreciated being able to see almost everyone every week and look forward to being able to continue to do so.

We discussed the forthcoming diocesan mission in September and provisionally have agreed that the following:

·         26th Sept opening evening service in Killoughter,

·         27th Sept “Confession of a Vet” in Burrowes Hall

·         28th Sept 5 aside football tournament, Harvest BBQ (Drung Hall)

·         29th Sept United Harvest Service at 11am in Ballyhaise

·         29th Sept Johnny Cash Concert

Please do pray for the mission, and if possible come to the training day in the Royal on 8th June from 10am-4pm, and please let Nick know if you might be able to host some of the team for the weekend. I’m praying it will be another great example of us working together as a group of churches just as we did for the Abaana New Life Choir.

We also looked forward to the Holiday Club (July 2-5) with a special United Service in Larah followed by a picnic – all are welcome, and to the In Tents Summer Camp.

Thanks for your support and please don’t hesitate to contact Nick if you have any questions.