The way to blessing in 2019

blessing cavan

Happy New Year again!

Our Bible Reading plan starts today with some great fresh starts - the creation of the world in Genesis 1 and the way to blessing in Psalm 1. As we enter into 2019 what path will you take? The path of blessing or the path of perishing? It seems an obvious question but then why don’t more chose the way of blessing? The choice is laid before us in the first Psalm, do you want to be strong and stable like a tree planted by steams of water or do you want to be weightless and blown about by the wind like chaff? The way of blessing, the way to be strong and stable according to Psalm 1 is to delight in God’s Word, to meditate on it, that means to chew it over and think about what it means. How can you do that? Can you resolve to read the Bible for 10 minutes every day and think and pray about what it says? You can get the Bible Reading plan here and here’s the readings for the first week of 2019:

2019 bible plan week 1.PNG

Happy New Year!