Don't waste your cancer?

Gervase Markham

Gervase Markham

"Don't waste your cancer" - it's a very strange expression, surely nothing good can come out of cancer?

I first came across this statement from John Piper when he wrote an article on the night before his surgery for cancer.

More recently my old housemate (Gervase Markham) spoke about what it meant for him as he fought cancer, he wrote:

"one major thing it has done is that it has given me a closer, more real and more certain hope of heaven. The possibility that in ten years one might be dead concentrates the mind wonderfully – both on not wasting a minute of any day, but also on looking forward to the wonderful eternity that awaits." 

He also made an incredible and very moving video which you can watch here,  and you can read an obituary here. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife Ruth and their three young sons.  

I wrote about my own experience of losing my mum to cancer here. 

If you're affected by cancer, please don't hesitate to get in contact here