Service Time Changes

service time changes.png

Here's the recent letter that went out with our most recent term card:

As I’m sure you all know, one of the challenges in our group of parishes is for the Rector to try and be with all the parishes every week.  I’ve been trying to come up with a way for me to be at every service every week since I arrived as I really want to see you all every week.  The obvious way was to move one service to the evening, but after talking with the vision group and asking you via the questionnaire I discovered that was not really an option.

The last two summers I’ve tried putting churches together and alternating the location of the service, but as a group of 5 we’re just slightly too big for that, and I know that most of you would like to have a service every week in your own building.

After further discussion and review of the questionnaires, I’m delighted to announce that with a small change to everyone’s service time I will be able to be almost everywhere every week!  There will be teething problems, especially as I’m on leave in August and then the harvest services, and that’s why we need to give it a decent length of time to get into the new pattern.  I would suggest that we try these times for a year and see how we get on. You may well spot something I’ve missed, please do come and talk to me if there are any issues.  Over the summer holiday there will be no Sunday School so I will do my best to make the service child friendly, and once the children are back at school, there will have an all-age service every 3rd Sunday in Lavey and in Drung  to give the Sunday School leaders a week where they don’t need to prepare.

The advantage of this service time change is no more sermon recordings, services in most buildings most weeks, I get to be with almost all of you every week and Sunday School leaders get a rest.  If a particular Sunday the service time doesn’t suit you, please make the most of the fact that we’re a group of churches and enjoy visiting one of the other churches that week.

As I said, I’m sure there will be some teething problems,  but I hope in time we’ll soon get used to the new routine.  Please be assured this is not something  I’ve undertaken lightly, but after much prayer, discussion and consultation and I hope that it’s a really positive step forward  for us as a group of churches. You can find the new service times on our Find Us page here and also on the coming up page here

Every blessing,