What do you actually do in a "Bible Study"?!

Sometimes fear of the unknown keeps us away from something.  Tonight we have a Bible Study at the Rectory at 8pm and I wonder if sometimes people are unsure about what happens in a Bible Study.

People start to arrive about 8pm and we have tea and coffee and cake.  After that the leader of the Bible Study will say welcome and a short prayer to ask for God's help as we study His word. 

Then someone reads the Bible passage out loud, or if it's longer passage we often listen to an audio recording of it.  There is no pressure to read out loud if you'd prefer not to. 

Bible Study Cavan, Drung Redhills Stradone LAvey evangelical Larah

We normally just have 5 questions:

1. What strikes you from this passage?

2. What questions do you have about this passage? Is anything unclear?

3. How does this passage point us to Jesus?

4. How would you summarize the passage in a few words?

5. How does this passage apply to us?

We normally study the passage that we have just looked at on Sunday so if you were at church you'll hopefully have some idea about what the passage is about and may even already have questions about it that you would like answered - this is a great time to ask! You may find others have similar questions.  If you missed church you can always listen to the sermon online here, or else just come to Bible Study to catch up on what you missed, you can just listen in if you don't want to say anything.

We normally finish our study about 9pm and then pray about what we've seen in God's Word - giving Him thanks and asking for His help to put it into practice.  There is no pressure to pray out loud, you can just pray quietly if you prefer.  We also have an opportunity to ask for prayer for anything and then commit those things to the Lord.  People are free to stay and chat afterwards but most people normally leave by about 9:30pm.

The great thing about studying the Bible together is that we learn from one another, seeing what struck each other, asking questions.  The only thing missing is you! You're all very welcome, and if 8pm on a Wednesday or the location doesn't suit you, please let me know and we'd love to start more Bible studies at other times and places.