I owe an apology - over the Christmas services I said that the 2020 vision Bible reading plan could be done in 5 minutes a day, I was basing this on day one of the plan, but having tested a few more days I think 10 minutes a day would be a better guess! It’s still a small amount of time for each day and will get you through the Bible in 2 years! There are also normally 2 catch up days each month for if you do get behind, but I’m sorry for suggesting 5 minutes a day, I think you’ll need another 5 minutes, and ideally a bot more time to think about what you’ve read and pray about it.

Why are some days longer than others? The plan has broken up the readings where they make sense, so for example in Genesis, the whole Noah account is read together. In the book of Genesis a clue is found whenever the author says “these are the generations of….” that’s like a section break.

Can you spare 10 minutes a day?! Get your 2020 Vision Bible Reading plan here and see here for further details.