Broken legs and God's mercy?!

Many of you will have heard that my son broke his leg just over a week ago. It's been a difficult week, in and out of hospital and lots of painful nights (for us all!).  Yesterday at church we sang "All people that on earth do dwell" and the fourth verse reminds us "the Lord our God is good, his mercy is for ever sure." Could I sing that at the end of last week?! Yes, I could! We saw many of God's mercies last week, among them were that my mother-in-law happened to be staying with us that night (the plan had been to give Dorothy time to write a talk for MU...but God had other plans!).  Dorothy's mum being here meant she could look after our eldest while we went to hospital! The roads were not icy for our trips in and out of Cavan and Drogheda, and perhaps the biggest relief was that I didn't have to preach! I had already booked in a visiting speaker (with the intention of allowing me to plan and get ahead!) and so it was a great blessing to be relieved of the pressure of preparing a sermon.  We were greatly blessed by Mark's preaching, you can listen to his 2 sermons here.

 And of course, the Lord our God is good even when we don't see his mercies as clearly as we saw them this week.  We only need to look at the cross, to see God's incredible mercy beyond doubt.  So whatever week you have this week, I hope you can also sing "the Lord our God is good, his mercy is for ever sure."

mercy hospital