Pro-Life - what can you do?

Here's a link to a site that will send an email to your local TD's to ask them their position on the eight amendment, the text of the email that will be sent is copied below so you can see what you would send:


Here's a copy of the email that you could send:

Dear Oireachtas Member,
This is a defining moment for our country.

The 8th Amendment has had a hugely positive, humane and life-saving impact on Ireland.

The debate on abortion is exclusively focussed on removing the right to life of unborn babies while continuing to ignore all the amazing stories of thousands of lives saved by the 8th Amendment. As a result of the 8th our abortion rate is a small fraction of that in countries like England, where 1 in 5 pregnancies end in abortion.

For anyone who questions what repeal would mean, I encourage them to look at the evidence of abortionist Dr Peter Thompson before the Oireachtas committee on abortion where he let the mask slip and described in graphic detail how the baby is first paralysed by the abortionist, who then injects poison into the baby’s heart to stop it beating. If the repeal movement really trusted women they would tell them the truth about what happens to their baby during an abortion.

One undeniable lesson from the Oireachtas committee is that once a society accepts that one unborn baby’s life is undeserving of legal protection, it is effectively means that no unborn baby's life has any value.

No matter how it is dressed up, repeal would mean that for the first time in history, a modern society would be removing a basic human rights protection from its Constitution.

As my elected representative, I call on you to examine the full facts and not simply those recommended by the Oireachtas Committee.

I am asking you to stand up for life and articulate a message building on that life-affirming vision at the heart of the 8th Amendment.

As this debate is moving rapidly, I would appreciate an early response from you on this critical issue.