How much faith do you need?

Faith Ballyhaise Cavan

I was struck as I read Exodus 12 about how God’s people were saved, they simply had to take God at his Word and do what he said – kill the lamb and put the blood on the door post. Imagine two Hebrew men, Levi and Simeon on the night of the very first Passover talking about what was about to happen. Levi says to Simeon – “have you put the blood on the doorposts?” Simeon replied “yep, I followed the instructions, we’ll be fine.” Levi responds “so have I, but I’m a bit nervous, my son Judah means the world to me…”

A little unsympathetically Simeon says “he’ll be fine, Moses said when the angel of death sees the blood, he will ‘pass over’ the house so protected, and the firstborn will be safe. Why are you so worried? I have a son too and I love him just as much as you love your Judah, but I’m completely at peace, I’m taking God at his word and have no doubt at all!”

That night the angel of death passed through the land. Who lost his son, Simeon or Levi?

The answer of course is – neither! God’s promise of safety was not conditional on the level of faith – whether there were any wobbles in faith or not, but only on whether or not they had sprinkled the blood on the doorposts. They just had to take God as his Word and trust in his provision by doing what God said.

So with us – the promise of deliverance, the assurance that we are accepted by God is not based on the level of our faith and whether or not we have wobbles in our faith, but on the object of our faith. Jesus said that you just need faith the size of a mustard seed – it’s not the size of our faith, but what our faith is in. Our faith is in an Almighty God who loves us so much He gave His Son for us to rescue us. The more time we spend looking at him the more our faith will grow, conversely the more time we spend examining how much faith we have the more doubts we will have. Let’s keep our eyes fixed on Him. (illustration adapted from a great little book called “Basics for Believers” by Don Carson)