God has a plan!

Plan Cavan Ballyhaise

How is God going to work out his purposes to multiply and bless his people when the King of Egypt seems determined to wipe them out in some pretty cruel ethnic cleansing? We saw how God was working out his purposes despite the mess at the end of Genesis (see God's tapestry), but now there's a new challenge, Pharaoh has ordered that all the Hebrew baby boys are killed. God has promised that Abraham's descendants would become a great nation, live in a great land and live under God's blessing (Genesis 12). All of that now seemed under threat. They were far from home, oppressed as slaves and are being threatened with extinction (Exodus 1).  The midwives were ordered to kill any Hebrew baby boy that was born, but, incredibly the midwives feared God instead of man and allowed the male children to live, and "the people multiplied and became very strong"! Strike 1 failed.

Pharaoh was furious but not done yet, he ordered that every son born to the Hebrews must be   thrown into the Nile. So what did God do? He sent a baby boy at a very risky time to be a baby boy - Moses was to be God's deliverer. And in irony of ironies, Moses is rescued from the Nile, by Pharaoh's own daughter, and the palace purse pays Moses' mother to look after her own son (Exodus 2:8-9)! Strike 2 failed.  God is quietly working his purposes out, nothing can thwart his plans.

God's ultimate deliverer also faced an angry king who tried to kill all the baby boys, but God had a plan to rescue him and through him to rescue us. What's mindblowing is that this rescue plan was made "before the foundations of the world". If you're using the Bible Reading Plan you'll have been reading through Ephesians and in the first chapter we're told that if we're trusting in Christ we were in fact chosen before the foundation of the world! Now that's some planning! If you've not read Ephesians 1, why not take a look it's an incredibly rich chapter.