Praying for those in Las Vegas

Prayer for Las Vegas Paddock shooting

On Sunday we're looking at Jesus words in John 5:30 where he explains that God the Father has entrusted judgment into Jesus' hands. Jesus says "I judge, and my judgement is just."  Whilst sometimes we don't like the idea of God judging, in the light of the devastating attack by Stephen Paddock, we see that God's judgement is a good thing. Paddock has not got away with it, justice will be done and will be seen to be done. 

Here is a prayer expressing our confidence in this, and praying for comfort:

Heavenly Father, in the light of the recent devastating attack in Las Vegas, we thank-you that you have appointed Jesus to be judge and that his judgment is just. We thank-you that his judgment is universal and inescapable.  We pray that the knowledge of this will allow the family and friends who lost loved ones, and those who were injured to trust all things into the Lord Jesus’ hands and to know his peace that passes understanding. 

We thank-you that you are the God of all comfort and we pray that you will comfort those who are grieving. We thank-you that you will one day wipe away every tear from every eye of those trusting in you and we pray that this certain hope will also be of comfort.  We pray that in their distress and grief people would turn towards you rather than away from you.  Please help local churches to respond in love and please give church leaders great wisdom in counselling the bereaved.  We pray that in your mercy you would restrain evil and prevent similar attacks in the future. Lord in your mercy. Hear our prayer