A prayer for the lonely

Heavenly Father, so many things in life can make us feel lonely: losing a loved one or the breaking of a friendship, being compelled by illness or infirmity to stay at home, feeling that nobody understands us, or that those around us are criticising or laughing at us. Lord we pray for those who are lonely today, who feel the loss of love or friendship, who feel isolated or unwanted, who fear being out of place or pushed on one side.

Give to them the rich experience of belonging to your kingdom, and feeling at home in your family, the church. Give us eyes to recognise lonely people around us, and the grace to offer friendship and love in the name of Jesus Christ, the one laid down his life for his friends. Amen

Taken from "Prayers for the Church Community" compiled by Roy Chapman & Donald Hilton. Copyright © Christian Education. All rights reserved. Used by permission.