"Pray for those who persecute you"

Yesterday we considered Jesus' command to love your enemies in that light of the shocking murder of Jacques Hamel.  Today, I want us to think about - how might you pray for a potential Islamic terrorist? Here's one suggestion:

"Lord, you know the hearts of all people, thank-you that you restrain evil and one day you will end all evil. Please restrain those who would harm others today, please open their eyes to see the horror of what they are about to do, help them to think about others and the hurt that they would cause if they go through with the attack. Please may they see that everyone is made in your image, would they see that they are not doing your will by killing others, may they look to the Lord Jesus who came not to destroy but to give life.  Please may they stop and think and please may they come to know your love and turn to the Lord Jesus for forgiveness and new life."

Jesus isn't asking us to do anything that he didn't, as he was lifted up on the cross he cried out "Father forgive them." He practised what he preached. 

Tomorrow we'll think about what's the difference between an Islamic terrorist and a Christian martyr.