Listen up!

Summer is approaching (ever the optimist!), it's a great time to read, especially if you're off on holiday, you have a bit more time to read. What will you read? 

How about listening to a book! It's even easier and more relaxing and you can listen whether you're travelling, relaxing, or even driving - think of all the books you can get through!

Christian Audio offer a free audio book every month, some are better than others, but this month is a cracker! Taking God at His Word by Kevin De Young. You can get it for free here.  And many of his other books are greatly reduced at the moment.

If you have an iPad, iPod touch or iPhone, then you can download a free app from Christian Audio that enables you to listen to the books very easily (you can even speed up or slow down the book!).

If you don't have an iPhone or equivalent, don't despair, you can still download books and listen on other devices, it's just slightly more cumbersome - but the website has plenty of help available here.

So what are you waiting for - give it a try - it's free, and it may just be helpful.