New Year Resolutions...

It's that time again! I wonder how you got on with your resolutions from last year? 

Many of us would have had a good intention to read the Bible every day, I wonder how you got on? It can be hard, we can miss a day and things easily slip. In 2017 I'm planning to try a new Bible Reading plan, it gives you 2 days of grace each week! In other words, the plan only expects you to read 5 times a week and you can use the extra 2 days to catch up on any days missed, or to re-read something (or even get ahead!). Each day there are readings from the Old and the New Testament and if you stick with the plan you'll read the whole Bible in a year! 

You can download the plan here or ask me in church and I can give you a paper copy.

Why not give it a try?