Many of us will have woken up this morning to the news of the tragedy last night in Berlin.  I wonder what you thought as you heard the news? No doubt you thought that it is terrible, but then what? With the numbers of attacks such as these increasing it's easy to be desensitised, to think, not again, and then move on.  To some degree we have to, but for some it will not be so easy to move on. For some there will be an empty chair this Christmas that should have had a loved one in, for some there will be weeping this Christmas instead of joy. Here’s a prayer to help us to stop and think and pray for those suffering in Berlin:

Heavenly Father, this latest tragedy in Berlin grieves us as it must also grieve you. At a time that should be full of joy, there is crushing grief. At a time of celebrating life, death has come.  Please comfort those who are grieving. 

Lord Jesus Christ, you are the prince of peace, and you offer peace that passes understanding. May those who are grieving know your peace. 

Heavenly Father, you are the God of all comfort, please may you comfort those who are grieving.  We also pray for the injured, help them to come to terms with what has happened and to find healing and restoration.  We pray for both the injured and the bereaved that they may know the certain hope that is offered through the Lord Jesus of the new heavens and new earth, a place of no more suffering or pain or tears, a place with resurrected bodies that will not be injured, nor capable of getting injured or sick. And may they know best of all the joy of dwelling with you for eternity.

We also pray that you would bring those responsible to justice and repentance.   Please prevent further attacks this Christmas, and help all to turn to you for their refuge and security. Once again, we ask for your comfort for the bereaved and injured, and ask that your grace will be sufficient for them. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.