Did God really say...?

Do you ever wonder whether God is a spoilsport? Do his commands ever seem burdensome to you? Do you ever question whether God loves you? If so - you are normal! Genesis 3 explains why we sometimes think this way. It's perhaps the saddest chapter in the Bible, but it explains so much of the world today.  

God had been so generous to Adam and Eve, given them a beautfiulplace to live, beautiful food to eat and each other to enjoy, he had given them just one command, he'd told them they could eat from any tree except one. It was a generous command, you can eat from any tree...except one, and there was a good reason for the command - to teach them that they were not God and should obey Him, and it was command that would bring life, breaking it would bring death. 

Devastatingly, Satan crept in to the garden and for the first time caused Adam and Eve to doubt God's love and goodness and, by twisting God's word, made God sound like a spoilsport. He did what he's been doing ever since, got people to question God's word - "did God really say" (3:1), isn't God a bit restrictive? Then he questioned the consequence "you will not surely die" (3:4).

The results were devastating, broken relationship with God and with each other, shame, fear, death to name but a few. Thankfully, the passage is not without hope, 3:15 speaks of a serpent crusher, one who will deal with the problem of sin and Satan, and from this point in the Bible on, we're on the hunt for Him.  There's more grace too, an animal died in their place to provide clothing (Gen2:21), and they were barred from the tree of life, meaning that life would not go in in this state forever.

We have a loving genenrous heavenly Father, this year let's listen to His word, remember his goodenss, and thank Him for the serpent crusher who has come and dealt with our biggest problem and assured us of a better future!