If forgiveness is free, can't I live how I want?

Last week we saw that no one is good except God alone, does that mean no one can go to heaven? Thankfully not! Jesus said we need to receive the kingdom like a little child - what does that mean? It means accepting the kingdom as a gift, not something we earn. But if forgiveness is totally free and undeserved won’t that lead to wild living? Well, yes and no! You can listen to this morning’s sermon here:

And you can read the reading from Luke 7:36-50 here, and the reading from Romans 6:1-14 here.

Free forgiveness drung cavan ballyhaise

Why did Jesus sweat blood? Luke 22:39-46


Why did Jesus sweat blood?

Jesus was in such agony in the Garden of Gethsemene that his sweat became like great drops of blood. What was causing him such anguish? Was it just the thoughts of crucifixion? Others had faced crucifixion with less angst and Jesus had told people not to be frightened of those who can only kill the body (Luke 12:4), there was something else, find out what here: 

You can read Luke 22:39-36 here.

Rich man, Poor man

We had a great time at the harvest service in Lavey last night, the calm before the storm.  If you're stuck in tonight, why not have a listen to Paul's talk at the above link.  Paul was speaking from Luke 12:13-21 but referred to other bits in the chapter, you can read Luke 12 here. Thanks to all who decorated, and thanks to all who came, it was a great evening.

Lavey Harvest Service