Is God in control every day? (Ruth 2)

Do you believe that God is in control over every area of life? He’s interested and ruling over your life day to day?  He’s watching over every detail of your life such that nothing happens by chance?

Or do you believe that He’s more distant than that, He made everything but then just lets everything get on itself?

The first view is reassuring when things are going well and comforting to a point, but then what when things go wrong?  Do we then have to say “God is against me”? Sometimes, it’s less distressing to take the second view in the hard times, to think of God as a little less involved, a little more distant. 

If you believe God is in control over every detail of our lives, we can very easily find ourselves asking, why God did you let that happen? Are you against me? That was how Naomi felt in chapter 1 of Ruth you can read Ruth 2 here and listen to the sermon recording at the link above.

The LORD brought me back empty (Ruth 1)

Imagine living in Ireland in the 1840s, by 1851 one million had died of famine and one million had fled to North America or Britain. That was something like the world that Naomi and her family were living in, but Ruth and Naomi learnt what Corrie Ten Boom wrote “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”

You can read Ruth 1 here and listen to the sermon at the link below.


Titus 1

I’m very grateful to Matthew Topley for leading the services while I was away, and very pleased that he recorded the sermons so that I could listen to them and you can listen again or for the first time if you missed them! You can read Titus 1 here and listen to Matthew’s first talk on living counter-culturally for Christ in the church at the link above,

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Only a prayer meeting? (Acts 4:23-31)

This week RTE showed the documentary “divorcing God”, a very sad report about people either wanting nothing to do with God, or else wanting God on their own terms not on His.

Peter and John were told not to speak anymore about Jesus, the religious leaders wanted God on their own terms as well, so Peter and John and the others prayed for boldness. Does God answer prayer? You can listen to the recording below and read Acts 4:23-31 here and Psalm 2 here.

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