One-off sermons

The Rich Fool (Luke 12, harvest at Larah)

Is your life successful? What does it mean to be a success? You can read Jesus verdict on a man that everyone else thought was successful here and listen to Bryan Martin’s very helpful and clear harvest talk at Larah Church at the link below:

Thank-you to all who decorated the church and the organist and choir as well, a lot of hard work and a great service.


School Service - The Lamb and the Scroll (and the Crunchies!) (Revelation 5:1-14)

At the school service this morning the children performed the Hallelujah chorus based on words from Revelation. You can read Revelation 5 here and listen to the all-age sermon below, and there’s a video of another version of what the children did at the link below! Thanks to the teachers and children for all your hard work.


Here’s a link for a video of a similar performance!

2020 Vision

We had a party in church today! (well the children did anyway!)

We also launched our 2020 vision - the aim is for us all to read or listen to the whole Bible by the end of 2020, we’re going to use a reading plan that will take us through the whole Bible in 2 years. Please ask Nick for a print out of the Reading plan if you’d like a little booklet form or you can download your own version here.

You can listen to the all-age table talk at the link above based on Psalm 1 and you can read Psalm 1 here:

Blessed is the person who obeys the law of the Lord.
    They don’t follow the advice of evil people.
They don’t make a habit of doing what sinners do.
    They don’t join those who make fun of the Lord and his law.
2 Instead, the law of the Lord gives them joy.
    They think about his law day and night.
3 That kind of person is like a tree that is planted near a stream of water.

It always bears its fruit at the right time. Its leaves don’t dry up.
    Everything godly people do turns out well.

4 Sinful people are not like that at all.
    They are like straw that the wind blows away.
5 When the Lord judges them, their life will come to an end.
    Sinners won’t have any place among those who are godly.

6 The Lord watches over the lives of godly people.
    But the lives of sinful people will lead to their death.

 It would be amazing if we could all commit to reading the Bible over the next 2 years, will you join us?

2020 Vision Cavan

Drung Carols by Candlelight 2018

Drung Candle Service Church Cavan

The church was beautifully decorated and the choir were fantastic! You can listen to the choir performing “One Still Night” and “O Holy Night” at the links below and there is also a recording of the Address from Matthew 1. Thanks to all who helped and made it a great evening. I mentioned Tim Keller’s book “Hidden Christmas” in the address, it is a great read and was a large part of the inspiration!

If forgiveness is free, can't I live how I want?

Last week we saw that no one is good except God alone, does that mean no one can go to heaven? Thankfully not! Jesus said we need to receive the kingdom like a little child - what does that mean? It means accepting the kingdom as a gift, not something we earn. But if forgiveness is totally free and undeserved won’t that lead to wild living? Well, yes and no! You can listen to this morning’s sermon here:

And you can read the reading from Luke 7:36-50 here, and the reading from Romans 6:1-14 here.

Free forgiveness drung cavan ballyhaise

Don't all good people go to heaven? (Mark 10:17-27)

It was great to have the BB and GFS help with our shoebox and enrolment service today. Thanks to all who brought shoeboxes or contributed to help those who wouldn’t otherwise get a Christmas present, please continue praying for the children who will receive them and for all those busy helping Team Hope at the moment.

Unfortunately I forgot to record the sermon, but I recorded the readings and the sermon after the service for any who want to consider the tough question “Don’t all good people go to heaven”

Please get in contact if anything is unclear or you’d like further information.


How can a good God allow suffering?

This morning we looked at out 3rd tough question, you can read the Bible readings from 1 Corinthians 15:50-58 here and 1 Peter 1:3-12 here. You can listen to the audio at the link below.

You might also find this talk “Where was God when that happened?” helpful, and there’s a short reflection I wrote in 2 parts here and here.

Please do get in contact if you’d like to talk further about anything raised.