Is God in control every day? (Ruth 2)

Do you believe that God is in control over every area of life? He’s interested and ruling over your life day to day?  He’s watching over every detail of your life such that nothing happens by chance?

Or do you believe that He’s more distant than that, He made everything but then just lets everything get on itself?

The first view is reassuring when things are going well and comforting to a point, but then what when things go wrong?  Do we then have to say “God is against me”? Sometimes, it’s less distressing to take the second view in the hard times, to think of God as a little less involved, a little more distant. 

If you believe God is in control over every detail of our lives, we can very easily find ourselves asking, why God did you let that happen? Are you against me? That was how Naomi felt in chapter 1 of Ruth you can read Ruth 2 here and listen to the sermon recording at the link above.