I'm delighted to be appointed as Rector for the Drung Group and together with my family look forward to sharing not only the gospel but our lives with you. Thank-you for your welcome so far! 

Rev Nick Jones

Rev Nick Jones

Who am I? The most important thing about me is that I am a follower of the Lord Jesus and long to help others follow him as well. I was born in and raised in England, and although from a Christian home I rejected Christ for a number of years after my mum died of cancer when I was 14.  Graciously the Lord showed his love and forgiveness to me and once I understood God's love shown at the cross I began to reinterpret my circumstances in the light of that love.  I could no longer question his goodness.  

I trained and worked as a lawyer in London, but increasingly found my desire was to share the good news of the Lord Jesus and so I took early retirement and went to work for a church in Cornwall! This was to test a perceived calling to overseas mission.  The call to some form of ministry was confirmed and I went to theological college to train for overseas mission.  While I was there I met my wonderful (Irish) wife Dorothy. She persuaded me to consider ordination and Ireland! I'm here now and delighted to be here, this was confirmed to be the right thing on the morning of my first Sunday here as I read these words in my morning reading: "Imagine, God from all eternity picturing you and me, with our particular upbringing and background, all our varied experience of life and work, our unique strengths; and, punctual to the second, he has us where he wants to use us." I'm convinced that's here among the Drung Group of parishes.

I enjoy being a husband and father and spare time is largely taken up with family, but if I do get a moment spare I really enjoy windsurfing, surfing, squash, 5-aside football, cutting sticks and a bit of gardening! 

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