Ballyhaise Church of Ireland

Ballyhaise church of Ireland

Services usually each Sunday at 9am, see the preaching programme and service here or get in contact here if you're unsure about anything.  Here's a few questions that you might have, and some answers:

Can I park?

Yes, you can park just opposite the church, there are steps up to the church and we're working on making the church accessible.  If you need a church that doesn't have any steps then you're best off coming to Drung, Larah or Lavey churches.  

What if I'm not "Church of Ireland"?

You're still very welcome!  We have people from different backgrounds coming to all the churches in the group and all are very welcome. We welcome those who are looking into the Christian faith, those who are sceptics and those who are convinced that it's true. 

What should I wear?

There's no dress code! Some people do dress smarter for church, but please wear what you're comfortable in. 

What time should I arrive ?

The service starts at 9am, so you're best off arriving 5 minutes before that, don't worry if you're a few minutes late though, we'd rather have you a few minutes late than not at all. Please don't be put off if the door is closed, sometimes it is closed to keep the draft out but you're still very welcome to come in!  Sometimes a month has 5 Sundays, when that happens then on the 5th Sunday we have a united Service in one of the churches in our group at 11am, this is a great way for us to join with others from the group and remember we're part of something bigger, if there's a 5th Sunday, please check the "coming up" page here

Where should I sit?

You can sit wherever you want, there's plenty of space, we're creatures of habit and so often people sit in the same seat, often going back generations but there's no rules! 

What books do I need, and where do I get them?

You can pick up a service sheet and service card on the way in.  These have everything you'll need to follow the service. There are some Bibles in the pews, and a few spare ones on the shelf on the left-handside in the church building. Please ask if anything is not clear. 

Can I bring my children?

You certainly can! There's no Sunday School in Ballyhaise, but we'd be only too pleased to start one if there is demand.  

What if my child makes a noise?

They probably will and that's absolutely fine! We'd rather have their noise than them missing out on being there. You can get up and move around if it helps to settle your child.  

How do I know when to stand or sit?

The person leading the service will let you know, otherwise just follow the others!

What happens after the service?

The person leading the service will say a brief prayer and walk to the back of the church to shake hands as you leave. People often stay around and chat for a while, do as you please!

Do you have toilets?

We do have a porta loo around the back of the church,  it's clean and has a sink for hand-washing.

How long are the services?

Our services normally last about 45 mins and we normally have Holy Communion on the second Sunday of the month. 

Do you have any students?

We're just next door to the Ballyhaise Agricultural College.  Students from the college are very welcome at church and we'd love to start a student Bible Study. 

Any other questions, just ask!

You can get in contact here or ask on the day.

Find us on Google Maps here.